Mubychem Limited of USA & India is a pioneer manufacturers suppliers exporters & importers of chemicals including Hydraulic fracturing stimulation & oil well production chemicals, Pharmaceutical excipients, Fragrance & flavor chemicals. Muby Chem Ltd has several manufacturing facilities and toll manufacturers across the globe. We have offices warehouses and representatives in Houston & Midland Texas and Chicago Illinois USA.
Our suppliers have accreditations like FDA - GMP approval, ISO-9001:2008, ISO-22000:2005 HACCP, Kosher & Halal Certification. We offer Commercial Pure Pharmacopoeia ACS AR Analytical Reagent & Food Grade of Chemicals and do Toll Manufacturing for oil well drilling fracking fracturing and others.

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Galvanizing Flux, Zinc Ammonium Chloride Powder Nuggets Solution Manufacturers

MSDS of Zinc Ammonium Chloride Galvanizing Flux Manufacturers

Zinc Ammonium Chloride
Powder, Tablets, Blocks, Bricks Pellets
Zinc Ammonium Chloride

The product is offered as Mono, Double, Triple and Quad Salt

Type of Salt Zinc Content
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Mono Salt (ZnCl2.NH4Cl) 34.3% Minimum
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Double Salt (ZnCl2.2NH4Cl) 26.7% Minimum
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Triple Salt (ZnCl2.3NH4Cl) 21.9% Minimum
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Quad Salt (ZnCl2.4NH4Cl) 18.6% Minimum

We are manufacturers of Zinc Chloride & Ammonium Chloride. We can offer the following proprietary products of Zinc Ammonium Chloride Galvanizing Flux

Zinc Ammonium Chloride based Proprietary Galvanizing Flux in Powder form for Wet Flux applications
Packed in 50 Kg HDPE bags

Zinc Ammonium Chloride based Proprietary Galvanizing Flux in Powder form for Dry Flux applications
Packed in 50 Kg HDPE bags

Zinc Ammonium Chloride based Proprietary Galvanizing Flux as 20-25 Baume Liquid
Packed in 200 Kg HDPE Barrels

AMIPM is a proprietary Galvanizing Flux based on Zinc Ammonium Chloride.  It is LOW COST formulation for reduced fuming and typically used for continuous galvanizing lines (or new flux charge in a batch process).  AMIPM is the preferred multi-component, cost-effective formulation. Zinc Ammonium Chloride based Proprietary Galvanizing Flux is extensively used in continuous sheet galvanizing lines as it contains special additives that offer high luster to galvanized products without the typical Sulphide smell that other high luster fluxes bear.  Our Galvanizing Flux optimum melting point cleans the sheet before it enters the zinc bath, ensuring strong and uniform adhesion.

AMILI Zinc Ammonium Chloride Galvanizing Flux is formulated for high speed, low fuming, negligible ash and most importantly thin, strong and uniform Zinc coats. Use of our proprietary additives ensures that the flux dries to a simple film, which protects and seals the fluxed steel. Due to the improved fluxing action and a thinner lighter film, the flux dries up faster.  The dryer the article to be galvanized is, the quieter it enters the kettle, hence less zinc is splattered about.

Zinc Ammonium Chloride Manufacturers
Galvanizing Flux Manufacturers at:

Muby Chem Ltd.
Toll manufacturing & Warehouse at Houston & Midland, Texas, USA and India
USA, Canada, Mexico Customers may e-mail:
Call 1-844-682-9243

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Chemical Products offered ex-stock. Any quantity. Container loads to pallets or packs

Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking Chemicals:
Ammonium Persulfate oxidizing gel breaker
Acetic Acid solution
Asphaltene Inhibitor
ATMP Phosphonate
Bis hexamethylene triamine penta methylene phosphonic acid BHMT BHMTPMPA
Crosslinking Agent for Guar
Choline Chloride
Citric Acid Anhydrous & 50% solution
Clay Stabilizer
Corrosion Inhibitors
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride DDAC
Diverting Agent
Encapsulated Gel Breaker
Glutaraldehyde Solution
Glycerin Solution
HEDP Phosphonate 60%
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Suppliers
Paraffin Wax Inhibitor
Phthalic Acid
Phthalic Anhydride
Scale Inhibitor
Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Sulfate THPS
Zinc Chloride Anhydrous & Liquid Solution 62.5%, 67% 70%

Other Ex-stock Chemicals Offered:
Ammonium Chloride with/without anti caking agent Crystals & Granules
Barium Chloride
Calcium Nitrite Crystals & 30% Solution Calcium Nitrate
Calcium Saccharate
Ceric Ammonium Nitrate
Chromic Chloride
Copper Chloride
Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous & Hexahydrate FCC USP
Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous & Heptahydrate
Polycarboxylate Super plasticizer, Water Reducer Concrete Strengthener
Sodium Acetate Anhydrous & Trihydrate crystals & granular
Sodium Diacetate
Sodium Formate
Sodium Formaldehyde Bisulfite
Sodium Metabisulfite
Sodium Nitrite Nitrate Crystals & Solution
Sodium Thiosulfate FCC Anhydrous & Pentahydrate Photographic
Sulfamic Acid
Zinc Chelate
Zinc Sulphate
Zinc Carbonate
Zinc Chloride Anhydrous & Liquid Solution 62.5%, 67% 70%
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Galvanizing Flux Powder Nuggets, & Liquid Solution-
Acid Inhibitor cum Fume Suppressant & Flux Enhancer

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Zinc Ammonium Chloride Mamufacturers Galvanizing Flux Manufacturers

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